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The life of Grabe is one composed of love, life, and liberty with occasional experiences of the Shakespearean Tragedy. His images will forever be stored in our hearts.

Welcome to the Grabe Hults WikiEdit

A Wiki dedicated to deciphering the words of Gabe Hults (gsman311) and understanding his brilliant philosophy and amazing intellect of the most well-developed monkey on this planet.

ForsakenLiez - Wizard101 Rap

ForsakenLiez - Wizard101 Rap

A Look Into EternityEdit

It has long been said that Grabe Hults has become one with the world, attaining complete harmony even impossible for Buddhist monks to achieve. By analyzing his daily conversations and actions from high school, it is entirely possible that we, the sect of Grabe Hults, can attain heaven. Find out more by calling (720)-218-1956, toll free.

It all starts with Grape Kool-Aid.

While countless other stories and quotes exist, this is typically considered the most important piece and it should be treated as such.

The climax of his story can be observed at the Prom King Gabe.

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The god Grabe Hults achieved his true form after years of contemplation. The moment Grabe left the planes of mortality are documented on the page Gabe Hults.

The power to succeed came not from himself but from his valiant allies.The one that allowed Grabe to attain eternity was a serial kleptomaniac tasked with stealing the souls of one thousand orphans. This man was T-Money.

Then there was Matt C.

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